Evoo, more culture less worship

Although olive oil is the basis of almost every dish, and for three thousand years one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. But EVOO and olive varieties are yet to be discovered.

The data on the volume of importation and production do not take in consideration the tens of thousands of small farms that sell their great product to family, friends and therefore will never make its way to store shelves. Most of the time the EVOO is excellent but in some cases the quality may be inferior or defective and it can even ruin a good dish or be unpleasant to the palate.

The idea that something is “home-grown” doesn’t always mean that it is better or even cheaper. Often times products that are made the “old fashioned way” are of exquisite quality but sometimes this is not the case, the same rings true for olive oil. Let’s just say there is a big difference between olive oil, virgin olive oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and that’s the first step to promoting the real “culture” of the italian gold. Mister Evo is an untiring gold digger.

olive varieties

Evoo has a worship but not yet a culture

Quality is very important. Oils can and must be valued and Italians must appreciate EVOO just like they do in other parts of the world. They do not have the centuries old tradition of making olive oil and the more than 400 varieties throughout its entire territory of Italy. We need to be able to make a distinction between what is a good EVOO and what is excellent, but also to understand what is of poor quality and that’s what the future of Italian EVOO depends on. Our pourpose is to rediscover the thousands of innate potentialities of this product.

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